Are goods shipped, insured?

All goods sent by us are guaranteed by us. We ship all of our products using DHL Worldwide Shipping. In the unlikely event that you  would receive something damaged we will replace it. The only charge that might be made is for the cost of shipping.

Do goods arrive damaged often?

No, just once! Seriously goods are rarely received damaged because shipments are custom packed carefully and purposely. 

How much does it cost to ship?

This depends on the weight of the goods and the country to which it is being sent. For example 6 wine glasses would cost £ 30 anywhere in the UK, £ 50 anywhere in the USA or Canada

How do I know how much shipping will cost?

The website has been set up to calculate the shipping costs automatically, which you can view before checking out. However if you have any queries just email us.

How long do goods take to arrive?

If the goods are off the shelf it is a matter of packaging and sending. Delivery times vary from destination to destination. Typically a parcel will take about 3 days when it’s destined for the UK, or about 6days when heading for the USA.  Custom made orders can take up to a maximum of 12 weeks, depending on the time of the year.

Do I need to pay import duty or other taxes?

In Gibraltar no sales tax or value added tax is levied, so all goods are sent free of taxes. On entry to your country you might be required to pay import taxes, this varies from country to country and changes from time to time. In the USA no tax is levied on hand made crystal as it is regarded as art.

How is it sent?

We have been successfully using the DHL for a number of years and they provided an excellent service. 

Is our crystal hand made?

Entirely! Sometimes partially handmade goods are described as being handmade. Everything we make is completely hand made. That is what makes us special! Occasionally an order for a customised piece might be placed on line which is not viable or practical for operational reasons to make and Gibraltar Crystal reserves the right to refuse, at its sole discretion, to undertake the order.

Would you wholesale your goods to be sold in retail outlets/ galleries outside Gibraltar?

Yes. Although we decided some years ago not to supply large 'mass produced' quantities to other outlets, we do supply quality items to selected outlets. 

Can goods be shipped to an address different to that of the purchaser?

Yes. If you wish to send a friend or relative a gift we can do so but we have to bill you.

How are rates of exchange determined?

Because payment would be done by credit card the rates are set by your credit card provider.

Do you do wedding lists?

Yes. We can design pieces, wine glasses etc for you. They will be made and sent to you any where in the world. Your guests need only call or email us in order to buy off the list.

Are designs discontinued?

As a rule we do not drop designs or colours. However, from time to time it might be necessary, so Gibraltar Crystal reserves the right to discontinue or amend a design or colour without notice.

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